Frenchies Bistro & Brewery Now Open

Frenchies Bistro & Brewery has opened its doors within the growing, artisan foodie hub of Rosebery, bringing Parisian bistronomy to the suburbs of Sydney.

The new venue is the brainchild of chef Thomas Cauquil and brewer Vincent de Soyres, two ‘Frenchies’ who call Australia home. The pair, who met in a Paris hospitality school in 2005, have long wanted to adapt their bistronomy approach to the Australian taste and terroir and have been developing their venue concept for more than seven years.

As well as a love of food and beer, the duo share a passion for travel and it was somewhere on Russia’s volcanic Kamchatka peninsula during a two-month 700km-adventure, that Frenchies was born.

“We decided to bring together our skills and interests into one concept that resembles us - a convivial place where you can find good beer and good food to enjoy with friends,” Cauquil said