Yoga 101 Workshop @ Selph Health Studios

Saturday, 11th May 1:30pm

Join Amy G. and Steph for this informative and interactive workshop.

Yoga 101 brings you answers to all your yogi questions. Whether you are new to the practice, or are curious to refine what you already know, this workshop will provide many answers to questions that arise on the mat. Am I doing this right? Where should I place my foot? How can I do this better? How do I breathe? Where’s my core?

It’s important to take the time to set your foundations and get to know your body in each pose. We all have different anatomy and this workshop will give you the basics to understand proper alignment, how to activate your core, and ways to cultivate a natural breath for a balanced practise. 

What you’ll learn:

- Breath techniques and how to use the breath for seamless transitions

- Create a balanced practice through the art of Sthira (steadiness) and Sukha (ease)

- Understanding Bandhas (co-activation of muscles around a joint) and why to use them

- How to activate core stability in each pose (especially in load bearing movements)

- Basic understanding of joint alignment through shoulders and hips 

- Refinement of Downward Dog, high plank, low plank, cobra pose/ upward facing dog for your unique anatomy

Recommended for regular practitioners who have never done a workshop before, or beginner yogis who are new to the practice. Come along if you want to cultivate more awareness in each pose, more stability and more strength.

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